Sunday, April 15, 2012


Everyone is a part of everything.  We are all part of the stars, the moon and the earth and we are all connected to each other through energy.  The human race is like a gigantic hive of beings all sensing and feeling each other and trying to get to the same place - a state of happiness or peace.  Sometimes one needs reminders or tools on how to stay in a state of peace.   You have come to right place to find those tools.

Chesha Rich has been interested in Nutrition and alternative medicine for many years.  She is currently studying Mind/Body Wellness at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with a focus on Holistic Nutrition.

In her free time Chesha studies Astrology and Angels and hope to incorporate that knowledge into her practice of helping people balance their minds and body.  Chesha believes that the planets can have an effect on one's as the moon has an effect on the tides.   She also believes that there are ethereal beings within the Universe who can offer help and guidance if asked.

For her future practice, Chesha hopes to offer the means to help people awaken self-knowledge and love within them in order to better understand their path in life that is for their highest good - all with respect, acceptance and an open heart.

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