Sunday, May 6, 2012

There is a plant in my room.  Actually, there are 12 plants in my room. 7 of these plants I've had for over 20 years.  Those 7 plants have gone through 7 moves with me and they still thrive.  They have changed and evolved, but they are still a part of my life.  The other 5 plants have been added at random times and are from various sources.  The new 5 are mixed in with the old 7.  I imagine that they have all become friends and are happy together.  But sometimes I wonder if the old group looks down on the new group in any way.  Are the old 7 like a high school clique who shun the different or new?  Do the old 7 think they're better than the new 5.  Or maybe they are like kind, old seniors who offer wisdom and advice to the younger generation.

One of the new 5 has been struggling since my last move about 3 years ago.  It sits next to a very old plant that has been with me the longest.  Now that I am writing about this and contemplating whether or not my plants communicate with each other, I'm not thinking that my oldest plant is not giving good advice to the new, struggling plant.  I think I better move the new plant and see if it does any better.  From the condition it's in, the old plant is probably giving it very negative feedback, something like, "why bother growing more leaves and getting taller, we're just going to have to go through another stressful move again".  Hmmm, I'm thinking my older plant might be a bully.  I think that my new plant that is struggling would ask me to move it if it could speak.  It would tell me that I should pay more attention to all the plants conditions and make adjustments accordingly.

I think I will take its advice and rearrange my plants and see if it makes a difference in theirs and my life.

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